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MOSS Audit Log Retention Solution

Project Description
The MOSS Audit Log Retention Solution allows companies and individuals to save SharePoint Audit Logs (for user actions) to an external database. Installs as a Windows Service on a MOSS Indexing Server. The source code is also available.

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Application Configuration (e.g. app.config XML file)
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For a variety of reasons (e.g. legal, redunancy in an outside system, etc.) a business running SharePoint (MOSS) may need to retain the MOSS audit logs in an environment outside of MOSS. this solution aids in transporting the Audit Log data out of MOSS and into a data store where it can reside for a longer period. This highly configurable solution performs the following main functions:
  • Reads MOSS Audit Logs from a list of configurable sites at configurable intervals
  • Stores the MOSS Audit Logs for the configured sites into a intermediary SQL Server datastore (OTAP)
  • Optionally the solution can send success and/or failure confirmations of the data load into the intermediary (OTAP) data store in a variety of languages
    • E-mails are template driven and follow a culture code resource fallback model (e.g. you can send e-mails in you or your company's preferred language, using a template specified by you, and the default fallback language is EN)

About The Technology

  • Runs as a Windows Service on a MOSS Indexing Server
  • Utilizes the SharePoint Object Model to access the MOSS Audit Log Data on a list of sites with Audit Loggging enabled
  • Enterprise level .NET solution that follows Microsoft (patterns & practices) best practices
  • Complete Visual Studio solution with multiple projects provided
  • Written in C#

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